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A Note from Sapphire Partners

We understand that raising capital can feel overwhelming, especially for emerging managers still building their track record and establishing performance. That's why we have dedicated our time to create valuable resources and provide comprehensive support to assist you throughout your journey, right from the start. 

Our #OpenLP initiative aims to demystify the perspective of LPs and share invaluable insights across the VC ecosystem. We curate key resources for fund managers with the goal of helping you stay ahead of the game and developing a deep understanding of best practices, the market and ecosystem. 

Below is a sampling of some content that managers have found particularly helpful in their journeys and that may answer some of your questions:

Explore more resources for fund managers here.

Getting in Touch

Sapphire Partners invests in early-stage venture funds in the US, Europe and Israel. We strive to partner with firms who can achieve top-decile returns. 

To get in touch with our team, we ask that you meet this criteria and send us a deck that summarizes the following:

  • Team
  • Investment thesis and strategy
  • What differentiates your fund
  • Track record - including past funds, vintage year, and fund sizes or angel track record
  • Institutional fund # for your current raise
  • Expectations for fund size
  • Portfolio construction for your current raise

If there is strong alignment with our criteria, we would be thrilled to connect with you. Please email with your deck.